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: I've got a 24 months contract with Vodafone for the iPhone 4S at 37 a month. I got it in sept 2012, so is coming to an end

Can anyone tell me what happens in sept and what should I do??
Do I get an upgrade? Will I then have to pay more per month or still stay at 37??
Could I keep the phone?? And turn to pay as u go?

Also, in your opinion, what would u do?
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: If you do nothing then you will continue to pay 37 per month! What you do is you call them up tell them how bad their service is and say that you are leaving! If you keep your phone (though you will have to pay them a fee to unlock it) you can get all you can eat Voice/Text/Data plans in the UK from around 15! If they can't come close to that figure then you do indeed leave! Before you leave get a PAK code so that you can give this to your new service provider so that you can take your number with you!
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