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: I'm new to this and kinda confused on what data plans consist of exactly. I understand that they are about internet usage, when you want to use the net but you don't have wifi nearby.

But how do the monthly or yearly plans work? Plus, in some of the plans it says "unlimited text and data". Does that mean using the plan will allow me to send unlimited text and use the internet as much as I want to a certain period of time? But what is the limit until I can do texting?

And when they say "texting", do they mean the phone's SMSs or the WhatsApp chats? Till what point can I text unlimited or surf the net unlimited?
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: When they say unlimited it mean it has no limit on talking, texting, and data (internet on the phone without wifi). Keep in mind that when they say unlimited data there's a catch to it. For example, you can have up to 500mb at 4G speed, then You might go down to 2G speed (which is really slow and not worth the money, 4 min to open google). Also, nowadays cell phone plans are very expensive and findin a cheap plan isn't easy for someone who's new into phones and stuff. So depending on your needs choose a plan. If you talk and text a lot, and don't use the data(internet, not wifi), you can get really cheap plans about 10/month unlimited talk and text but no data. But if you want unlimited talk, text, and data, then we're talking somewhere between $35-80/month.
If you want the unlimited talk and text but no data, check out "republic wireless" or "Freedompop". They have some of the cheapest ever. In fact, Freedompop offers free service. Yes, that's free phone plans. Check it out!
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: What are they about? Easy. They are about making companies a lot of money.
Until what point is unlimited? Well, hardcore boys out there that live in mom's basement have been using the data plan as a slave to run other devices and download tons of movies. Companies monitor all usage and when they see a data hog they will limit that person's unlimited. Texts? I've never heard of them throttling someone with unlimited on that. Data plans are monthly/billing cycle not yearly.
Texts are both SMS and MMS, words and pic attachments in them. Whatsapp chat is an app, so it uses data like Facebook or anything else.
Best luck.
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: As far as I know there aren't yearly data plans. Unlimited texting and data literally means unlimited texting and data. Using something like whatsapp would be data not sms or mms, but as we've already established that's irrelevant because data is unlimited. I'm starting to think you don't know what unlimited means.... But you can use your unlimited texting and unlimited data until you stop paying them for the service.
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