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: I recently bought a Nokia Lumia 620 locked to Vodafone. Because I don't like Vodafone I payed 20.00 for an unlock code. When I turn on my phone with a GiffGaff SIM card in, it says:

This SIM card can only be used on specific networks. Contact your customer service centre for the unlock code.
10 attempts remaining.
Enter PIN:

However, when I enter the code they gave me, it says "Incorrect PIN", and goes down to 9 attempts. If I try to enter another code, whether the same or different, it says "SIM error", and if I turn the phone off and on again it goes back to 10 attempts remaining.

I've tried putting in my phone PIN and my SIM PIN in first instead (both the new SIM PIN and the old SIM PIN) and get the same error.

How can I get my phone unlocked?

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: Return it to the seller.
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