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: So, my phone has been glitching and isn't in very good shape anymore. I currently have a rumor 2 with virgin mobile. I've been thinking about getting a new phone as well as switching to AT&T because I want a cheaper service and it has better coverage. The only thing is that I'm concerned about losing my phone number. I've changed it a few times already and would REALLY like to keep my same number. Is it possible to switch carriers and phones and still be able to keep my number?

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: Yes you can. I kept my old number when I switched from virgin to tmobile.
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: Yes, most carriers will allow you to retain your same number. However, I would not recommend switching to AT&T. They have expensive plans and cell phones, and their service is horrible! I have been with T-Mobile for 7 years and have been very satisfied. I was very glad when the govt stepped in and blocked the at&t t-mobile merger. I really hope it doesn't go through. T-mobile has affordable plans, decent phones and the best customer service out there. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed. Plus you can keep your old number too.
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