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: I dropped my phone and the screen cracked. the phone works fine and i bought it a month ago. I don't have insurance and I know the insurance doesn't cover cracked phones. I heard if I call VM and tell them my phone won't charge they will send me a new one, but they are going to inspect it and realize the phone charges fine. What should I tell VM so they will send me a new phone for free?
I bought it at radio shack. Would they return the phone so I could get a new one?

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: Insurance would have covered your damaged phone. The manufacturers warranty however, does not. Since you don't have insurance, and the manufacturers warranty only covers technical defects, you won't be able to get a new phone.
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: Your best bet is too send it off and hope they don't inspect it the worst they can do is say no and send it back, but that's pretty much your only option, other than that you're screwd
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: Best way to get a free phone? Go back to Radioshack and steal it. Seriously just run in the store wearing a ski mask and grab it.

That is exactly what you are trying to do here. YOU broke a phone and now you want them to replace it for free. You are looking for ways to circumvent any responsibility here. So instead of finding a sneaky way to steal from them, why not just steal a new phone?

Seriously people, learn to be responible for yourself.
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: If you can see the cracked screen, Radio Shack can see it, no phone for you, and they might even laugh at your for suggesting it.

Virgin Mobile will not replace it either, and even if you did send it to Virgin and lied about the condition of the phone, once they got it they would just return it to you the same way your sent it to them. And if it were drop shipped, you would be charged for it at full retail price, as they will need a credit card to do that. (send you a replacement with shipping labels to send the other phone back), then you will have a cracked screen phone and a new phone and paid for both of them.

Cell phone insurance DOES cover cracked and broken screens, but the lowest level (paid version of insurance doesn't cover a lot) but the more spendy versions do, but you didn't want to pay that, so again no replacement for you.

So your options now are:

Send it back to the manufacturer to have the screen replaced at a charge that is more likely than not about $50 or more dollars, and be without your phone for a week or more and pay shipping BOTH ways.

Find a local cell phone repair shop to replace the cracked screen, but one they OPEN the phone they will void any warranty you have left. But may cost less to replace the screen.

Find the part online and replace the screen yourself.

Or Live with the cracked screen or buy a new phone.
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