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: ok, i started my period a few months ago in the middle of February. i'm a 13 yr old virgin so i am NOT pregnant, i am going to be a nun, lol. my dad picked me up and squeezed me yesterday and the after feel hurt like i was going to die, it never hurt until i had my first period. it use to be fun but now it just hurts to be squeezed. so it was painful to move, the pain went away and i went to sleep hours later. when i woke up, i got up and i almost fell down cuz i felt so sore in the area where my ovaries should be. i felt sore in the shape of the ovaries and uterus and all (when i feel pain i can feel the shape or when im sore, its weird, when i feel pain i can feel if its like in a circle so its easy to locate what is sore, im so weird) so i was pretty sure it was my ovaries and all. what was it? why did they feel sore?

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