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: I am 18 and Its been getting out of control mostly since I have only had one girlfriend, and I am a virgin. every minute of every day I am thinking about sex. I have never had this problem before. I fap like 9 times a day which is not normal, it used to be once a day, or once every two days. its getting annoying and giving me lots of stress.

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: strip club
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: get a gf?
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: look for a freak in your neighborhood
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: Well there isn't much anyone here can do to help you out with that. You gotta get some game, you have to go to where the women you find attractive are and charm them.
Alternately, you could try dating websites that are geared more towards sex then romance. I will list one for you to check out below.
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: Workout, it'll shift that arousal into something more productive, or get a girlfriend or find the neighborhood freak aka "jump" or "jump-off". Happy trails.
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: pay for a hooker!
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