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: Hello, I am 15 years old, I am 6ft 3 tall, have blavk hair and I do a lot of working out so I am quite ripped. My problem is that I never had a girlfriend yet, and I don't really talk to girls that much. I told my friends that I used to have a couple of girlfriends in the past but I actually didnt. I really like one girl, shes really beautiful. One day in January I told her about my feelings by sending her a letter " I have a feelings to you that are incredibly great and truly a wonderful feelings, without which man does not live, but simply exists - it is love. You're everything to me and even more than everything, you're the one who I began to live and breathe for. You are in my heart ... every glance of your beautiful eyes, every word said by your angel lips, every second that you were near me. You have totally filled my heart and soul with that feeling ... If there will be a day when there's going to be no place for you in my heart, it will be the worst day in my life. I love you and will love you forever!". I know that that's probably freaked her a little bit, so I decide to have a little time out before doing the next move! Its been 4 months now and I still didnt build up courage to go and ask her out. Its not a problem for me to ask her out, the problem is that I do not know what to do if she says "YES", where to go with her on a date, what to talk to her about and etc. That really makes me stressed because this thought of not being able to do things like that- makes me feel embarassed. I often think about that... P.S- I know that many girls fancy me in our year and they all think that I am not a virgin and that I am experienced guy, but it is not like that.

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: i have only read the question in bold but i know guys that had their first girlfriend when they are 16/17. they normally have better relationships anyway than if you are younger
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: Wow im a 15 year old girl and i think this is extremly sopp and it makes me feel kinda suffocated :/, take her to the movies.
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: wow it is going to suck but just ask her out and take her to like the movies or something as a date and eventually take her to a nice restaurant
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: Ok so im a 15 year old girl and let me tell you something... girls will either be super excited or super freaked by that letter. now for the date thing... if shes the sweet kind of girl take her to a movie buy her some candy.. nothing scary or too action packed... even let HER pick the movie... as for what to talk about at a movie u dont really talk. but if u do have to talk talk to her about her day about whats new in her life, school, her friends, tell her about you.. maybe a funny story about something you and your friends did.
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: if a guy said that to me i would be so amazed if any guy took the time to tell me that i would fall for him :P
you should talk to her it take some courage but im sure you can do it, and if she does yes , i sure she will , take her to the movies or if its nice take her on a walk and just talk . talk about her favorite thing like music or school or something interesting that she wants to talk about and listen to her !
hope i helped :)
PS don't worry about not having a previous girlfriend she wouldnt care if he likes you :)
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: Haha=))
You're only 15!
I''m19, and i have never had a BoyFriend, this is because i don't like anyone and want to focus on studing in university.
Don't worry about that.
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