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: My parents use Sprint and I was wondering if Sprint can give the person in charge of the account access to text messaging history of someone who is not a minor? I overheard my parents talking about seeing if they can get access to my text history and I am not a minor (I am 22) and was wondering if this would violate any privacy laws since I am not a minor. I do not want them to see my text history because then they would discover that I got pregnant by my boyfriend and then had a miscarriage... The miscarriage happened very early in the pregnancy and me and him were the only two people who knew I was pregnant and wanted to keep it that way. My parents would freak because they are very very conservative and want to believe that I am a virgin. Plus, since I am not a minor, I feel it would definitely be an invasion of privacy... If it was something I wanted them to know, I would have told them.
After some quick research, I found the Sprint page that discusses accessing text message history. It was last updated March, 27, 2014 so it is recent. According to this page, the account holder can access the "sending phone number, receiving phone number, and date/time the message was sent and received. The report does not include the content of the message."
Here is the link

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: Yes, you answered your own question. Only way to get body of text messages from a company is be the NSA or get a court order. Your secrets are safe still, just not the number you sent them to. Best luck.
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: Short answer: Yes they can view your text message history. Can they get in trouble for it? No, your parents are legally allowed to do so because they are the owners of the contract.
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