Phones Key » Virgin Phone Operator » Apps that don't use your phone number? As I deleted one after getting international calls (I didn't answer)?

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: Or just good apps in general, I'm a virgin smart phone man, after resisting so long but the 'Brick' I used gave up!


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: Unless it's an app that wants to use your specific phone number info. all apps I've ever heard of do not do this. except for text like apps. Lot's of apps ask 'to use your location? or send you notifications?' but that's based on your geotag, GPS location and settings, or sometimes the text number. They will ask you and you can decline them, If they do not offer the opt out, that's what I'd call an app I might not want to use. Good apps are trial and error by the user and prefernce. Honestly, if they stink, just delete them and find a better one. Best luck.
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