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: Will someone just answer this for me seeing as the internet is no longer about information and people just wont freaking explain anything. I have a virgin mobile galaxy s3 which we all know is sprint here in the United States. Sprint released the android 4.4 ota update yesterday, but for those who dont want to wait for the ota to come to other phones, xda captured the update and linked an unmodified ota for download. I did that, moved it to the root directory external sd card and renamed it just like you're supposed to. I power down my phone, boot it into recovery and go to install update from external sd card. All goes well except the "E: error tmp/sideload/package. Zip status 7" error I keep getting. Keep in mind my phone is not rooted nor has it ever been. Just bought it from radioshack 6 months ago. Can someone explain as to why I cant install a stock rom from a stock phone with stock recovery?

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