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: I have a 4G LTE (Nokia Lumia 1320) phablet, my provider is virgin, and I even rang them and they said they do offer 4G at no extra cost, and it's an automated thing, so if there's 4G available in my area, the option for 4G will pop up on my network settings.

So right now I'm at home ( I live in an urban area, very strong signal here), but I can only choose 2G or 3G, when I go on the virgin website for network coverage map, they only show 2G & 3G available, yet when I go on the EE website and their network coverage map, I notice that my home area DOES in fact have a strong signal for 4G..

So what am I missing? I forgot to ask the virgin helpline person about a 4G sim card, but surely a 4G phone would come with one, I only received my lumia 1320 a few days ago and it's a mini-sim card.

Many thanks.
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: If your carrier is Virgin mobile, only look at where Virgin has 4G LTE coverage. Towers for another carrier may not connect to your phone.
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