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: Lately, I've been having issues with my phone.

It's a Samsung Galaxy Victory with Virgin Mobile
Android version 4.1.2

When it's in regular use, mostly being listening to music, or browsing the web, weird app crashes seem to happen. I've never had these problems before. Only recently, about a week or so.

My phone when playing music, on the factory music app, sometimes stops, for no reason, it says that it's paused, but when I try to play it from the play button in the notification bar, or the physical button on my earbuds, it doesn't play. I have to re enter the application, then press play from there, and the song starts at the beginning. The app seemed to have reset/restarted, and it does continue to do this some more later.

When I'm browsing the internet, using Dolphin Browser Beta 1.3.1, which never gave me any problems before, the app often times abruptly will close on me. When I go back into the app, it restarts from my bookmarks page, my last page browsed being lost, in my history, but lost.

My keyboard is giving me problems too. I use Touchpal version, again, not giving me problems prior to now. When I enter a text field, my keyboard takes too long to pop up for me to type, and sometimes, when I am typing, the keyboard closes on me, and when that happens, reentering the text field to type doesn't work, I have to wait a bit, or minimize/maximize the app I type in and select the text field again.

And finally, my wallpaper itself resets. I use Apex Launcher v2.1.0, which never gave me any problems, and it still doesn't. It won't crash/restart like the other apps, but my wallpaper keeps getting reset to the default wallpaper included in the phone.

I've uninstalled apps I most recently downloaded, but the problem is still here.
Please help me. Give me any possible causes to these issues and suggest any solutions, so I can prevent future problems.

I need well informative answers. Any good help is much appreciated.

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