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: hi,
i am waiting for my payg upgrade nokia lumia 520 from carphone warehouse and what i need to know is this.
i have got the phone cheaper by buying it on payg upgrade for 80 using an old virgin payg sim card with a different number, i also have a pay monthly contract also with virgin and i want to put my contract sim into this new handset...will it work or will the handset be locked to work with payg sims only? contract sim is virgin so same network...but now i'm worried that because i have had the payg upgrade deal that it will be locked to the payg sim card and number i gave cpw to get the best deal for the handset....obviously i need my contract sim to work in it as i have to carry on paying the monthly tariff with virgin....HELP PLZ !!!
hope i aint just wasted 80.....

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: You can relax, the contract sim will work fine with the pay as you go upgrade handset. I have done this myself on several occasions, and it is all fine. Not only that, but as you bought the phone from Carphone, it will not be network locked, so you can use it on any network, if you wish to. All phones bought from Carphone are unlocked, except for those sold on 3 network. They are locked to 3; but all other phones are unlocked.
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