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: I am getting an Iphone 4 for my birthday from Virgin Mobile, although I want to know what's the difference between the 4 and the 4s. Will the 4 have siri? Also, my birthday is on the 31st of May which is in like 9 days and I am driving myself nuts because I've always wanted an Iphone and now that I am getting one I feel impatient and getting that iphone is all i can ever think about. I don't even want to go to school b/c it's all i can ever think about. Any advice?

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: The main difference is there is no Siri. The little differences you will not know are a clearer screen, better camera, and faster processor.
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: IPhone 4S and onwards get Siri although iPhone 4 still has voice control. It may be exciting but you can wait, 9 days isn't far off, lol, I'm waiting for my birthday in August. There is hardly any difference between the 4 and the 4S.
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: If you want the a Iphone with siri you definitely have to get the Iphone 4S. The Iphone 4 doesn't come with siri. Hints the S after the 4 stands for siri.
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: Congratulations!

The main difference between the 4 and 4S are the cameras and siri.

The iPhone 4 does not have Siri and it has a 5 megapixel camera. The iPhone 4S has Siri and an 8 megapixel camera.

You can always download ann app like Siri though.

For you, I am confident the iPhone 4 will still be a great choice!

& I know how exciting getting a new phone is - but focus on school until your birthday - trust me - wise words from a student myself.

Happy Birthday!
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