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: Ive had this contract for 11 months so far and its a 24 month contract. Im not getting what i could for the amount im paying if i was at another network. I did some research anf 'giffgaff'PAYG sim works out cheaper. Would i be able to keep my current phone or have i gotta find some money to get a new phone?


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: you cannot cancel, well the only way you can is, you have to pay the remaining amount of money you would owe each month until the 24 month contract is up, so its not worth it. cause you'll end up having to pay more than what the phones worth. You can keep the phone though.
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: You can't just cancel it, you'll have to pay the rest of the 13 months anyway so it's best just to keep it until it's over. Unless they will offer a payout deal, but it will still be worth it to just keep it until it's over. And if you take a special deal payout it will most likely mean trading the phone back in
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