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: I know it ships with the apps and everything, so it comes with about 8gigs free. Will that be big enough? My old phone is on the virgin network, and has a small internal memory. Im wondering and i know its vague but is that enough space to a small even for someone who at this time doesnt like to spend money on music and mostly will listen to it off youtube lol
the problem with th e SD card as ive read and hope im understanding, is that it cant pull music and apps from the sd card, is this true?

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: how big do you need it, people these days. Sooner or later the iphone will be as large as a ipad mini, and samsung will be as large as a touchscreen. Whats next the phones will be eventually a be a 50inch lcd tv.
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: It's probably big enough. You can always buy a memory card later. But wait till it gets to that point. Which may never happen.
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: Storage depends on what ur storing if music only then ur ok but if pics I suggest an sd card or bigger storage space
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: Probably is, unless you are gonna carry around several hi-def movies, some of which can go over 10GB.

For music and photos 16GB is plenty.

Nowadays you can but 32GB class 10 microsdhc from Amazon for $20 to $25 so it's worth playing it safe.
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: That should be enough, but that depends on how much memory you use.
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