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: use a used sprint iphone 4 with virgin mobile. use a used sprint iphone 4 with virgin mobile

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: NO, there is ABSOLUTLEY NO WAY to use any phone from any other carrier on Virgin Mobile USA's network.

The ONLY phones that will work on Virgin Mobile USA's network are VIRGIN MOBILE USA PHONES!

They don't use SIM cards or anything of that sorts. You can get an iPhone 4 for Virgin Mobile USA for $349 and $30 a month but that iPhone on Virgin Mobile USA will be locked on Virgin's network forever.

They don't flash phones at all. I encourage you, go to their Facebook page and ask them or call them up! They'll tell you the same exact thing I just said - I guarantee it! TRUST ME! PLEASE, TRUST ME! I PROMISE YOU I'M RIGHT!

Sorry! Have a nice day!
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