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: Im on metro right now and pay 35 a month for unlimited calling and texting and i think 1.5 gigs of data. But i want an iphone, so hows virgin mobiles 3g service? its 55 a month for unlimited everything, which is a pretty sweet deal. but i dont want super slow service. Would it be a better idea to get on virgin or should i stay on metro and just get the GS3? id really like an iphone, and the iphone four is cheaper than the GS3, but i want decent internet speeds and service. also what about t-moble? how are they and what are their prices?
Thanks for the help guys!
The metro plan is 4g and i have the lg motion.
I am located in Brevard Florida if that helps any.
T-mobile is exactly twice as much a month as im paying now, idk if im down with that. id really like information of virgins 3g network.

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: Depends on your place, i think, you might go to T-Mobile. they have a lot of users than any other carriers. so, most probably they have the best plan for you.
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: I bought a 2nd hand iphone 4, and my provider is giffgaff. You top up monthly on computer, they run on the 02 network and its fantastic. Google it ;-)
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: Virgin Mobile uses Sprint towers for service. You need to ask your friends, family and neighbors if they have Sprint or T-Mobile and how their service is where you live.
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