Phones Key » Virgin Phone Operator » my virgin mobile phone wont send messages and gets the error code 2131 everytime i try to send a message.?

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: how do i fix this?
so it might just be a virgin mobile problem, not my individual phone or personal service?
so it seems as if this is a nationwide thing. maybe they are working on the server or updating or something, all i know is that my lifeline is my texting. anyone know if you can still make calls?
goodnight then everyone. im pretty disappointed. thank you for the help.
smiley face :)

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: no answer same message HELP!!!!!
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: I'm getting the same message & my account payment was just processed last week. I'm glad I'm not the only person getting it. 2 bad the customer service departments in India are closed & there's nothing we can do til the morning.
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: Me,too
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: I got the same message too stupid server lol
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: same here bro!
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: Yeah, it's a virgin mobile issue. It should figure itself out fairly soon, I hope, or VM is going to lose a LOT of customers
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