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: If I upgrade my mobile can I just swap the sim card or do I have to use the new one supplied. I am with Virgin Media.

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: depends on whether the phone is simlocked or not, or if the new phone will accept it (iphone 4's need a micro sim). Otherwise, probably.
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: you should be able to just swap it if its the same network on both sims
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: No you dont need a new card you can use your old one. However some phones are locked, so you need to unlock it first before you insert your old sim card in. (you can go to any phone shop where they sell accesories for phones etc. and they will do it for you). Another problem you may face, is if you get an iphone since these need sim cards which are smaller than the regular ones. People say if you cut the edges of the card so it fits and then insert it it will work. I dont know if it works and i was to scared to try it so i used the new card provided instead of cutting my old one. But overall, even thought you may face a couple of challenges, no you dont need a new card, you can use you old one. (most phones arent locked so if your not getting an iphone you shouldnt face any problems at all)
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: Q: Is there a way to get two phone lines assigned to one handset? I'd like to use the same phone for personal and work calls.

A: Nextel offers a second-line service on handsets like the Motorola i580. The handy service allows you to add a second line with a different phone number to a phone--perfect for anyone who wants separate digits for personal and business use. Nextel was one of the first U.S. carriers to offer the functionality. You'll need to sign up for a second service plan, but you can have separate ring tones, separate billing statements, and even phone numbers with different area codes. Hopefully, we'll see this service from other carriers soon.
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: If the new phone is locked with a different network you need to unlock it. Otherwise you can swap the simcard easily. To unlock, I suggest you can approach and specify the country,locked network of phone. Based on the availability you can get the permanent unlock service along with free instructions.
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