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: is the virgin mobile cellphone service any good. is the virgin mobile cellphone service any good

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: Virgin Mobile service is good, with some qualifications.

Virgin Mobile phones only work on Sprint towers, and as such, they cannot roam, leading to poor service and usability outside of bigger cities and main highways.

Virgin Mobile has notoriously slow data speeds in most of it's service areas.

That said, the value for the money is very good, so much as the above is kept in mind.
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: I didn't think it was a very good service. When I was at school trying to listen to Pandora it would never work and always be buffering. The data is really slow and you can barely do anything without WiFi. It's ok for calls and texts but only if your in the city. If you leave the city you won't get any service because Virgin Mobile phones can't roam and Sprint doesn't have towers anywhere other than the city.
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