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: On Friday I'm going to virgin mobile to get a phone and It's come down to the IPhone or the Samsung galaxy. What should I get? I've been looking at peoples reviews of the phones and so far galaxy but I need more. Can you explain why either of these phones would be a good choice?

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: iPhone 4

Android lags if the specs aren't amazing. There are more apps for iphone vs an android phone. I don't think the samsung galaxy s2 even has jellybean OS, so the OS will be outdated. At least with the iPhone 4, you can upgrade to iOS 6

Yeah, the S2 has better specs because it's running android. iOS doesn't require amazing specs to run smoothly. I would know. I have an android tablet and an iPhone. My nexus 7 lags but has great specs. It's not all about specs, it's about experience.
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: The S2 has a faster processor.

The S2 has a bigger display.

The S2 has more RAM.

The S2 has a microSD slot. The iPhone 4 does not.

Adobe Flash Player works on the S2.

The S2 has better cameras.

Android OS is open source and fully customizable. iOS is not.

The obvious answer is the S2.
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: iPhone 5 is a better phone than the phones you mentioned.
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