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: Last week, I canceled my service with U.S. Cellular and switched to T-Mobile, as USC announced that they're going to be discontinuing service in my area.

However, when I'm at work, my T-Mobile phone has a very poor signal, making the phone practically unusable (and I can't use WiFi calling due to the company's firewall and content filter). So I need to return my phone to T-Mobile and switch to another carrier such as Sprint or Verizon.

I'm still within T-Mobile's return period, as I just got this phone less than five days ago, so I want to take it back and switch to a different carrier. But I've not done this before - if I take the phone back to T-Mobile, then how can I retain ownership of my number? Do I get new service first and then take the phone back immediately after, or is there a time period where the phone number will remain under my ownership, or what can I do?

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: Yes. Just tell the new carrier and they will explain how to switch the number over.
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: It is simple, stop by the store to return the device but make sure you tell them to keep the account active so you can "Port" your number over. After the ordeal of them trying ever so hard to keep you as a customer, they will agree. Pro tip: Have them make a note on the account that the device was returned and a date for the port to happen, so "Please make a note on my account that the phone was returned in the same condition it was purchased and also state that I will be porting my number on ____".

Keep all your paperwork so if they try to hit you with any termination fee's in the future you have a very nice detailed record of the return and return date. Also won't hurt to get the name of the individual you spoke with and get their rep ID number.
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