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: I really want a iphone 5 but I cant find a plan that is affordable. I can join my sisters plan for 60$ a month but then i have the get the galaxy because she has us cellular. I thought t-mobile was affordable but you have to pay full price for the phone.. which is ridiculous. 65$ is like my max

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: Straight talk $45
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: Any plan that is affordable you will have to pay full price for the phone. Straight Talk and Virgin Mobile will make you pay full price for the phone.

You may just want to join your sisters plan and get the phone you can afford then save for the Iphone.
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: tmobile you pay the full prove of the phone over 2 years. you can pay 7- a month for tmobile. id go with them. or find a unlokced iphone and use a pre paied carrier
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: This is by far the cheapest plan available and it includes iphones. As always, make sure they have good coverage in your area or the main areas you travel between.
Starting on January 11, 2013 in more than 2,000 Walmart stores and online at, customers now have access to the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 on Straight Talk's $45 no contract unlimited talk, text and data plan. To make this offer even more affordable, Walmart will be offering customers who purchase the phone in the store, a no interest fixed-monthly payments special financing offer for only $25 a month with a Walmart Credit Card.
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