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: And what if you dont want it anymore how to uninstall it from phone? and will after that phone gets restored to original settings?

I am new to android, been using symbian till now...

Thanks for your answers :)
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: If you're unhappy with the skin the manufacturer slapped on your brand-new Android phone, GO Launcher EX provides a good alternative. Indeed, the launcher embodies the open-source spirit of Android, with a large array of customizable options, themes, and unique widgets and plugins. It's just a shame that the free version of the launcher is plagued by popup ads, and that so many extra features require you to pay for them. Still, it's hard to turn down such an innovative and attractive Android launcher -- especially when it's free.
GO launcher 5.0:

Lots of features available, from transitions to the way your homescreen works.
Great for customizing the look of your Android device be it tablet or smartphone with thousands of themes available, and compatible with pretty much every icon pack out there.
Easy enough to set up and get to grips with, without having to go through a tutorial or anything like that.
Go Launcher EX is a speedy app with features that change how your phone or tablet works to make things even faster.

Suggested apps and widgets on first launch can feel a little pushy.
Locksreen replacement could be better explained for those new to Android or not too tech-savvy.
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