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: Pls. Give me advantages and disadvantages.Also some reasons.tnx.

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: Because I owned a Blackberry then 3 Android phones, I love my old but rock solid HTC One S.
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: Android phones are now one of the most famous phones in the world and are slowly taking over apple. They can do so much more then an iPhone can and are not limited. A lot of also like there screen size as it is a lot easier to see things and has a better display. I have owned and Iphone and a Samsung galaxy S3 and the S3 ran over the Iphone over a 1000 times. I love my phone it is the best I have ever owned and I will never go back to an iPhone not after all this freedom.
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: Because Symbian has too small a user base for apps and support. Microsoft entered the market too late. Apple products are too expensive, and too restrictive.
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: Android is open source, allowing you to customize it as much, or as little as you want. There are plenty of apps available and a wide range of devices that run it.

Compare that to iOS which only runs on Apple iDevices, which are very restrictive and overprices for what you get.

Other platforms like BB10 are just starting out and don't yet have many apps available, and the system is still pretty buggy. And the likes of Symbian is way too basic to be called a smartphone. In addition to this the same problem as above, the lack of apps.
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