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: Is there an app where i can find my husband's phone using my phone or computer? He has Alzheimer's and if he wanders off and phone is in his pocket, I could find where he is!

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: Depends what phone he has.....
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: It depends on the phone make and model - it must be one that has a GPS receiver included.

For iphones (3G or later), the 'find my iphone' facility is included & just needs turning on.

There are several 'find my phone' apps for Android based smartphones & most Android phones have GPS..

Certain Nokia (Symbian based) models that have GPS will also work, see the link here:

Without a GPS, phone locations can only be approximated by the phone company in an emergency, by the signal strengths on different cell towers.
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: Have a word with your mobile phone service provider through their stores(O2, 3, EE (Orange), Vodaphone, Tesco, etc.) You might be able to speak to someone at a store or contact them via their website. It may not be helpful to mention that it's your husband's phone in case they start quoting the data protection act at you. If you pay the bill or you bought the phone, there should be no problem. You might consider putting the phone in your name. I don't know if you already have your husband's power of attorney. A copy of that document should be sufficient to convince any provider of your intentions.

They should be able to advise on the most suitable app, install it and activate it for you. They should be able to set up your phone as well to be able to locate his phone if the unthinkable happens.

I hope you are successful with this, it's a smart idea to look after your hubby.
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