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: A guy sold me this Sony Xperia phone with a month of service on it. Its through at&t. He said its prepaid but I found out later its not. About a week after I bought the phone i got a call from at&t asking for a different guy and said that he is the account holder not the guy who sold me the phone so they had to cut it off and put it on fraudulence or something like that. At first I thought the guy sold me a stolen phone but I found out later that the guy on the account was actually the other guys roommate and he said he would talk to him but after days of him beating around the bush and me sending countless messages he still hasn't talked the guy and I'm getting impatient. So I was wondering if buying an unlock code and unlocking the phone to use it through straighttalk might fix my problem? I don't want to waste money if its not going to work. Some detailed answers/advise would be appreciated.

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: The phone is blocked from AT&T and IMEI is blacklisted. You can get it unlocked but it won't do any good. You need to get the IMEI unblocked too. You can mail this person ( who can help you get the phone unlocked and unblocked.
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