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: I have a T-Mobile sidekick 4g that is on the tmobile network only. I am trying to unlock it for straight talk but am having issues. I called tmobile and the phone is clear, not reported stolen or lost and no bills owed on it. tmobile took the imei number and sent me a unlock code via email, I typed it into the sidekick and it said unable to process request. I then got an email from tmobile saying I cant unlock the phone because im not a tmobile customer. I called the person who gave me the phone and they don't remember there pin number for the account so I cant try pulling up the account, so my question is, how can I unlock this phone??? thank you !!

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: I suggest you can approach and specify the country, locked network of Sidekick 4G.Based on the availability you can get the permanent unlock service along with free instructions.
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