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: This is a convo i found that my husband chatted with a girl, please tell me what it means!

him: ako na bahala sa english, gawin nalang nating laro na kunwari di ako marunong magtagaloghahaha!! her: sira! torture ito!:D parang hindi ka natutulog ha
him: bakit naman torture? 'yaw mo?:(
her: nope. torture kasi magpepretend ka di marunong mag-tagalog. hahaha!:D well, actually gusto naman kita makita e. bigla ka na lang kasi di nagparadam. hehehe
him: ako ba nawala? sori na :( 'no na, tayo lng?
her: apology accepted..matagal na. hehehe.;) naka-move on na ako. lol!:D joke lang.:p tayo lang what?
him: ay ganon ba yon?:( ngerks ;p..lalabas?
her: hahaha!:) ayaw mo nun, apology accepted nga. hehehe sama mo wife mo, ayaw mo?:)
him: oo na...oo ayaw ;)~
her: ;) mmm, ok cge. when ba kayo uuwi? magaaral na pala ako mag-drive para di ako mapahiya syo. hehehe.
him: pahiya? noway! ok lang taxi no, pero kaw bahala ;) ..end of next month na yon, msg na lng cguro kita dito..
her: so soon? kala ko naman medyo matagal pa. hahaha!:D where will you be staying?
him: bday ni paolo't ni chichi that time e ..cguro sa bahay namin sa taguig
her: ah ok. were near each other na lang better living na kami e.:)
him: did anybody stay behind in tondo? (ayan na, simulan na hahaha ;p) ..musta naman studies?
her: haha!:) nope, totally new family andun now. studies? ok naman cya. i graduated last '06 pa.:) i had my teaching stint there too. hahaha!:D for 2 terms lang. the begged me to. lol!:D
him: nger, that's good ..e d ano na trabaho ngyon?
her: :pi'm a Oracle database consultant/Oracle DBA now. been here for like 3 and 1/2 years na.:)
him: naks, computer programmer din, i have my associate's now and we just work with what the air force gives us ..right now we put out a beta for a database in access and will upgrade soon to visual studio, and we have a project in c# we have to start troubleshooting soon (i haven't touched its source code yet though ;p)
her: ay no, i'm not a programmer. hehehe. database admin ako.:) i work for a IT consulting company. Oracle ang forte.:) we have clients kaya very diversed yung environment na nagagalaw ko..unix, windows,aix, etc.:) microsoft platform pala kayo no?:)
him: well, i asked kasi most dba's have degrees in programming, whether it be IT, comsci, etc..?mostly, para extra user-friendly sa mga di masyadong marunong sa computer (pilots, etc ;p)
her: hehehe. well, yeah.:) actually dito lang ako natuto ng Oracle e. hehe. kaloka pala!:D
him: oh yeah? i used to work with flash and html a lot in texas, we used to create training courseware kasi kaya lots of animations and stuff ;p
her: matrabaho yun ha. interactive ba yung courseware you created?:)
him: ung iba
her: i see. sorry, just got back sa ofc. went out for lunch kasi. you have YM id? binura mo na ako sa contacts mo no? hahaha!:D
him: katapos lang din namin kumain ..meron, therese_danda diba?
her: uhuh. e email add ko din yan e!:-p hahahaha!!:D i hate u!!:-p
him: a onga no, haha!;p ..wait, bakit hate u? kabaliktaran daw ba?;p
her: bwahahaha!!:D sira! kabaligtaran ba kamo?;-)
him: yeah that too jerk ;p
her: yeah that too jerk ;p --> jerk? u talking about urself? hahahaha!!:D kidding!;)
him: owssss rly?! kaw ha, bigyan kitang isa jan e...;p
her: isang sapak?:-D
him: kiss lang, 'no ka ba ;p
her: ah..e nabigyan mo na ako nyan. di nga lang isa e. hahaha!:D
him: onga no ..e d iba nalang...;p
her: hahaha!:D ano?
him: sikreto!;p
her: e secret pala e...syo na yang secret mo! hahaha!:D meron sa tindahan nyan!:-p
him: wala yata e, pero ayaw mo di wag :(
her: hahaha!:D i have to know ur secret first.:D
him: pakita ko nalang sayo jan ;)~
her: hahaha!:D i won't allow it unless i know what it is. hehe.:p
him: yaw kong may evidence e ;p~
her: hahahah!:D oh c'mon!:-p
him: 'lam na un! ..shaved ito!;p~
her: shaved??? lol!:D
him: sure y not?!;p~
her: no i mean, you said kasi "shaved ito!" -- what do u mean by that? hehehhe. slow sobra, sorry. hahaha!!
her: kasi i might be thinking something and u mean otherwise.:D
him: 'wari pa, yoko na nga! hmph!:(
her: nope, promise..baka kasi mali iniisip ko. kahiya naman. hehehe. so, enlighten me pls?:D
him: 'lam na yooon, 'to naman 'wari pang di ko alam na greenminded din sya ;p~
him: bukas nalang uli, pagisipan mo nalang muna, lakas na ng tama ng melatonin ko e..gnyt!muah!
her: sure sige. tom na lang.:) gudnyt!:-*
him: sorry, wasn't able to check my work email today (and won't be able to check it 'til monday), did u reply? mzta?
her: yeah..just said "sure sige. tom na lang.:) gudnyt!:-*". hehe. ok naman about u?

he has been busted having web cam sex with women online so i wana know if something is going on...thanks so much!
3 days ago

I tried to find a translater but they wont tell me the slang words so i get get much out if it. sounds like hes planing on cheating while he is there visiting to me.
so yall agree with what he was saying? right now he is not allowe don the internet but he has it on his phone....

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: Some parts are non-sense, but let me give you the highlights..
In the beginning of the conversation the guy wants to pretend that he can't speak tagalog...
the guy apologized for his disappearance and the girl accepted it...
The girl asked the guy about his homecoming (to the philippines) and the guy said "end of next month " and it's clear that they are planning to meet up once the guy came...

in the middle part, the discussion is all about their jobs...
and the girl asked for his YM id...

third part, they started to become more intimate, the guy want to kiss her & the girl said you already did not once then she laughed! and then the guy said " how about something else?"
the girl want to see his"SECRET" and I think its his "P" the guy said I'll show "IT" to you once we meet there" the girl said "i won't allow it unless i know what it is" (I think you know what they meant)
and the guy bragged about his "shaved" tool......

I Know this is hard to accept and I feel sorry for you but I think your Husband is cheating on you.Both of you need to settle these things down...shame on him....
Anyway, It's not too late, Something is about to happen BUT you can still prevent it...
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: Wow, I'm sorry this happened to you. based on your profile picture you seem to be a young, very beautiful and attractive woman. I would have to say to leave this creep and move on with your life. Get a divorce ASAP!
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: im so sorry for you!! you should prepare yourself for anything.

i am a long time chater and this type of conversation leads to cheating anyways.

even this evidence of yours are not completely said that his cheating but flirting is there and favors are been asked so what else can we think? this only translate like a temptation and your husband is the one who started it base on your evidence and you caught him before doing webcam.

i suggest to you cut his internet and do not let him go back in the philippines unless your with him.

but if there is a will for him to cheat there is a way to cheat. so think about it. sorry again!
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: this guy.. gosh...... you're beautiful and he is cheating?

HIM i'll handle the english, lets make it like a game and pretend that i can't speak tagalog
HER crazy! this is torture! (smiley face with an open mouth :D) it seems you didnt get sleep

HIM: why torture? You don't want/like?
HER: nope, torture because your'e pretending taht you can't speak tagalog. hahahaha :D well actually I would like to see you. you suddenly appeared/-->(nagparamdam =made yourself felt /like if a ghost showed up and let you feel its prescense)

HIM: was I the one who vanished? sorry (na= is just added to mean"sorry+now it has the same weight as saying "i'm sorry) :( what now? just us?

HER: apology accepted, its been a long time, hehehehe ;) (thats a winking smileyface) I've moved on already . (lol laughing out loud) :D joking only :p (smiley face sticking its tongue out) Just us what?

HIM: oh is that so? :( (sadface) :p ... going out?

HER: hahaha! don't you want that? apology accepted already, hehe , bring your wife, don't you want? :)

HIM: ok ok.. yes (ayaw = dont want) ;)~ (not sure what that smily is... drooling? beard? no idea....

HER ;) mmm. ok (sige/go ahead) when are you going home (probably means philippines) I'm going to learn how to drive so I wouldn't be embarassed with you.

HIM: embarrased/shamed? no way! taxi is fine/ok, but its up to you ;) that would be the end of next month, maybe I'll just message you here.

HER: so soon? i thought it would take a little while. Hahaha! :D where will you be staying?

HIM: birthday of paolo and chichi that time. maybe at our home in taguig

HER. ah ok, we are near each other just maybe. were at better living :)

HIM. did anybody stay behind in tondo? (there now, begin now hahaha ;p) how are studies?

HER. haha!: nope, totally new family, there now, studies? its ok, I graduated last 2006. I had my teaching (stint? --no what this word is) there too. hahaha! :D for 2 terms only. the begged me to. lol (Probably the THE is a typing error of "THEY")

HIM: nger (not sure if he is using ottomonopoeia), thats good, so whats the job/work now?

HER: i'm an oracle database consultant/oracle DBAnow. been here for like 3 and 1/2 years now/already :)

HIM:naks (word that you say when you are impressed ) computer programmer also, i have my associates (degree) now and we just work with what the air force gives us.. right now we put out a beta for a database acess and will upgrade soon to visual studio, and we have a project in c# we have to start troubleshooting soon ( i haven't touched its source code yet though)

HER: oh no, (or maybe shes saying I KNOW) i'm not a programmer . hehe im a database administrator. i work for an IT consulting company, oracle is the forte. :) we have clients so very diverse the environment that i get to touch. unix, windows aix, etc. microsoft platform you guys?

HIM: well i asked because most dba's have degrees in programming,. whether it be it comsci etc.? mostly so its extra user friendly to the not so knowledgeable with computers ( pilots etc)

HER: hehe well yeaj. actually here, just me learn oracle. hehehe crazy now.

HIM: o yeah? i used to work with flash and html a lot in texas, we used to create training courseware because so lots of animations and stuff.

HER: thats alot of it interactive courseware that you created?
him: ung iba
HIM: the some.

her: i see, sorry, just got back to OFC (office? ) went out for lunch because.... you have yahoo messenger id? you erased me from your contacts (no=isnt it so =didn't you)?

HIM: finished only also we eat. there is . therese_danda isnt it (diba is also like no)?

her: uhuh. e email add ko din yan e!:-p hahahaha!!:D i hate u!!:-p
HER: uhuh. email add (me also that) no brainer that! hahah i hate you!! :p

HIM: ah - iagree (no-being used as "don't i?") hahaha... wait , why hate you? reverse was it?

HER: hahaha :D crazy! reversed you said? (ba doesnt translate to YOU- you=ikaw,kaw)

him: yeah that too jerk ;p
her: yeah that too jerk ;p --> jerk? u talking about yourself? hahahaha!!:D kidding!;)

Him: oh really? why you......! ill give you one!

her: one punch?

HIM: kiss only, what are you?

HER: ah you gave me that already, and not just one. haha (e/Eh - just something to add to a statement like when someone uses the word "well" excessively.. like---> "well, ya know", )

HIM: yeah right, so something else then?

HER: haha :D what?

HIM: secret

HER: so its a secret... you can have your secret (keep it!) they sell those in stores.

HIM: (wala = none) yata(maybe) pero(but) ayaw(dont like) mo(you) di(therefore) wag (dont)

HER haha i have to know your secret first

HIM: show me just you there (thats a direct conversion = ill just show you there)

her: hahaha!:D i won't allow it unless i know what it is.
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: I just wasted my time reading this
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