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: I am learning Tagalog through the use of books and Youtube. There are several good sites. Manuel Viloria. Bud Brown and others. While watching Bud Brown,he mentioned that there are 6 different types of verbs, but his wife came from doing some shopping so the lesson was interrupted. He mentioned only one of the different types. What I want to know . Which are these 6 different types of verbs? Give example please Root word Affixes and then and example. Maraming salamat para sayo. One comment I find the Tagalog way of expressing Present , Future , Past tense different from Spanish or English. This Actor and Patient voice verbs are somewhat becoming clearer to me. but still I have a long way to go. I studied Latin as a subject at school. I think in Latin do not follow the word order, it is the ending that it gives the case. (As my Latin is very rusty, I may be wrong to what I said before) I dont know why but Tagalog grammar reminds me Latin grammar in a certain way because the word order in Tagalog is non existence. We get the meaning through those Affixes (I think). All your help will be appreciated

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: By different types, are talking about prefix, suffix, mid-fix such as paki-, pag-? Or are you talking about ma-, -um-?

What I think is important in studying Tagalog is to understand "linkers": ang/si, sa/kay, and ng/ni.

These three define what role a word plays in a sentence. I strongly suggest you to study these. The Tagalog grammar ultimately boils down to these three. Of course, you still need to memorize a lot of other things.

I know a lot of Filipino people who say that Tagalog is similar to English, but I strongly disagree with that because there are so many things one cannot explain systematically if one takes that approach.

I'm not a native Tagalog speaker or a fluent Tagalog speaker. I'm somewhere like advanced elementary level, a bit more than a traveler's Tagalog. I'm a translator by profession (not Tagalog), so I guess I know something about languages...or maybe I'm talking nonsense...

One more thing. When learning a foreign language, exploiting similarities to your language is one way; learning it in linguistic way is another. I'm inclined to the latter approach!
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