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: SM,YG,JYP audition Questions:
hi, I wanted to introduce myself. I was ranzel, I'm 14 y / o turn 15 on MAY 2010, I am filipino. I learned Tagalog, Kapampangan, English, but to me learning korean. was little else I learned that I really dance and sing one of my choir members. and hopefully would give me a good answer. I am also white and high, but only modest. and I live in the Philippines. but I also have relatives in America and Canada. and this is my question

1. SM,YG,JYP Entertainment will be accepting Filipino and they do, because they say asians. So Im not really sure, if I could make it or not?
2. 14 I (I know I'm young) 14 high school boy. I dream to be a member of a group because I really want to dance and sing and become a famous in korea.
3. This example can only audition I go to 20 y / o?
4. I want to auditon. what the requirements. and I Do I must be a original CD to dance and when I sing I still bring a CD or not?
5. and how long the enterainment training in SM,YG,JYP?
6. not strictly the jury with SM,YG,JYP?
7. Each year there to audition at SM,YG,JYP Entertainment?
8. and when auditions you what the jury looking to you in SM,YG,JYP entertainment audition?
9. what is good personal audition or can I upload a video on the website in SM,YG.JYP?
10. when you accept the three companies. what a nice pick three?
Super thanks for answers, I dont mind if you give me good or bad answers salamat sayo! eng: thank you
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: well if u can sing n dance go to jyp n yg those companies look for passion n talent!!!
SM mostly go for looks.. even if u DO have looks they wont apreciate for your talent theyll just use your face!!
also if u have exceptionl singing and dancing talent they will go to waste if u go to SM cos you will be put into a group with not so talent ppl who have faces lik SNSDs...
henmce there is a chance of you not being famous...
if u dont want to end up like poor taeyon go JYP n YG!!
PLUS!! YG just opened an audition after 6 whole years!!
go check out!! yg-audition /
good luck!!! ^^
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