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: About 2-3 hours ago we were just kicking a football around and they keep throwing and kicking the ball at me and i ignored it, then they took the piss out of me which made adrenaline to keep building up in me, and later on there was this fat girl and they keep going up to her saying will you go out with him and points at me and they all sayo want to shag her and everything and my mate constantly pissed me off i told him but he just laughed, so i went to him kicked him in the shins a few times then took him down and just hit him in the chest a few times, and when he got up he said you take it too seriously you spaz!, but it did stop him pissing me off, i dont care if they aint my mates im joining te army next year. I aint being a baby or anything i just want know Do I take it too seriously? They knew i was pissed off but they kept going.
Yeah im british
Yeah but they were doing it for hours and i said stop, and the football thing i werent bothered about its just everyday they do it, i do have a good friend who is joining with me in the british army and you get mates for life in the army, and what you mean i wont be happy in it,

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: Well, if you tell someone to stop, they need to stop. More because they are your friends..but you probably shouldnt have punched them, or hurt them.
Either just walk away or tell them to knock it off.
If they keep doing it, fuck them.
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: -With friends like Those- who needs enemies ??! :o Go out & find some Better Ones. You really don't Need Their Stupidity. :(
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: dude seriously to me they sound like some dumb guys but knowing me i probably would have just pushed them but then besides that dont let them get to you just ignore them then whats the worst that can happen its not like that girl is gonna start following you just dont worry about it and if it bothers you that much then just hang out with different people that get along with you more
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: My friends r the exact same way (except they r girls). They say I take things too seriously and I get mad at them but don't beat them up cuz....yeah I just don't lolz girls dnt do that....But u could try and take things less seriously and more in a joking way, that's wut I try to do, it sorta helps...that is until I find out they aren't joking...........lolz jk
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: A bit too serious if you're brooding about a football, not saying you did - no harm in kidding back about the football stuff. But on the other hand, its really mean to do that to a girl who is overweight. And using her to make fun of her/you about shagging. They don't sound like a good group of people to be with. Not a lot of respect between friends, huh? It doesn't help to have a serious face about you all the time. Maybe find some friends who you feel free to be more jovial with? if that's what you want.
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: Your reaction to the football thing seemed too serious. Your reaction to the girl, if you actually did start pummeling him, was also too serious. Your friends, on the other hand, are very much morons. If you cannot stand idiots like those you have described, you are going to have some serious problems being happy in the army.
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