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: ayos naman, ikaw? last time tumawag ako kay ate joan sabi ko sabihin sayo na kinukumusta kita....
ang laki na ng anak mo ah sino na katuluyan mo?

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: in english in says,

im fine, and u.? last time i called ate joan (either joan is a big sister or older cousin) and i told her to tell u that im asking about u.... your kid is now grown up , who u ended up with? (who u marry or who is your husband or wife(
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: Same as the first answer but na katuluyan is not separate . It is spelled nakatuluyan[your
partner you settled down with.
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: "Thank u question why? Dhil not acceptable or you do .. you showed me in my important kc .. thank you let me love you .. yun lang, I napasaya sobra2 you

in short just keep sending the cash
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: good, and you? last time I called Ms. Joan, I said to tell you that I am greeting you.
Your kid is big (good/big in bed)
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: I'm fine, and you? Last time, when I called Ms. Joan, I told her to tell you that I send my regards.
Your child is already grown up, who did you end up with?
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