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: My Sprint Samsung Galaxy S2 Screen suddenly stopped working. the rest of the phone works fine. You can press on the screen and it works as if the screen were on but I cant see what it's doing, Like the screen burnt out.

I left it alone for a few hours and came back and it worked, I thought the problem was solved but as soon as I locked it, It didn't work again.

Its now been 2 weeks And I've just left it alone, today I tried turning it on again. I plugged it in and it showed that the battery was charging, but once again as soon as I hit the power button again, nothing. It glitches the start up, but them just disappears.

If you have any info on how to fix this or how much it would cost to fix this, please tell me, thanks. :)
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: Sounds to me like a software problem, you can repair this by getting the Samsung software that came with the phone installed on your computer or laptop and it will allow you to do a software repair of the handset, if you have no disk simply Google, pc suite for Samsung galaxy s2, and perform the repair withing the software, if it still continues after that then it may be that the backlight has worn down,

To do this a fast way, when it does work simply go to setting,security, and select factory restore, as there may be a software, application taking control of the screen
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