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: ok so my sister really loves these phones Samsung Nori F and the lollipop 2 phone (i think its called..) but they don't sell them at the at&t store.. how can my parents get her one of these phones for her? and I know they sell them on ebay but after they buy it what would they do? do they just bring the phone they bought online to at&t ? still a teenager don't know how all of this works.. :/

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: Not all phones on ebay will work on the AT&T network. Without a deeper understanding of mobile phones it would be best to get you phones from an AT&T store.

It is complex, you need a AT&T phone or an "unlocked" gsm phone for that phone to work for you, plus many asian phones are clones or fakes. Do keep asking question and keep learning about phones.
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: You're good. Yes. They will have to buy internationally and have shipped here. But note the phone will have to be purchased as 'unlocked' in order to work here. That can be rather expensive. Best luck.
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