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: So basically,

I have to do an assignment for college, where I had to create a system that had at least one input/output device and an analogue and digital device.

For my device I made a buggy, which would turn whenever the front of it was hit. However my teacher said they cannot pass me because "I had no analogue devices". However I was lead to believe that a Motor was an Analogue device? I also had a beep sounder on the back of the device which could play ringtones. I thought both of these devices are analogue?

I asked them, and they said that the motor was only being used as an analogue device, as it is being turned on/off.?

What does this mean? Is the motor an analogue device and how can I make it one??
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: you need to understand that many motors are dc motors.If you have a dc motor with max voltage of 12V, and you feed 6V then the motor will run at about half speed.How do you get 6V from 12V? [using switches] Simply switch on 12V for 1mS, and switch it off for 1mS. Then the average is 6V.To get 3V, switch ON for 1ms and switch off for 3 mS. sometimes we use shorter units of time. So if 6V is obtained from 12V using this method, one might consider this as a digital method and that is probably why your teacher is right. However, you can also get 6V from 12v by placing a resistor in series with the motor wherein you choose the resistor to be 6 ohms if current is 1 amp[and 12 ohms if current is .5 amps]. That would perhaps be called analogue method of controlling speed.
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