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: I'm doing A level art. And im doing portraits. I think i have the skill and i'm good at presenting things but im in abit of a rut. I'd love some portrait ideas or maybe

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: disclaimer : I'm not an art teacher or a professional artist - these are just some ideas you may like or modify?

-- portrait in/as Reflection eg. image in mirror, in water, in water with ripples, going up in smoke, in a rear-view mirror of a car, in the facet(s) of a gemstone such as diamond, within the eyes of another person/pet, as a mirage, etc. A face through the magic eye on the door; through the lens of a microscope or a magnifying glass.

-- "The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde where Dorian did not age himself but his portrait did. His portrait became the reflection of his soul.

-- portrait as something that that person likes, or is passionate about. eg. if the person likes books, you can cut & paste related text, titles, illustrations, dustcovers, etc. in such a way as to create the impression of a face.. Or if a person is interested in music/is a musician, you could use images of the musical instrument, music bands, musical notes, lyrics, CDs, etc. Or the face of a chemist/lab worker through a glass retort.

-- draw a line sketch of a silhouette [eg. the famous & easily identifiable one of Sherlock Holmes smoking his pipe by the window]. Then cut out to make a stencil & glue on paper of another color.

-- have you ever done a portrait of siamese [conjoint] twins? or a cancer patient who is undergoing chemotherapy. or a person in coma. or a corpse. [I'm not morbid; just trying to think out of the box ;-)]

-- you could draw your own profile or portrait & instead of eyes [or within the eyes] show your dreams or your vision of the world... ;
for ears - show what you like to hear [kind of music/mother's voice/nature calls/ringtones....] ;
for hands - show them doing stuff you like or holding something you've made; and so on.
you can also include internal organs such as heart, brain, & so on.
You can also glue stuff instead of merely drawing & painting, to give you that added texture & dimension.

-- some textures
There are many textures you can create in art for instance you get hatching, stippling, cross hatching, scribbling, blending, hazy effects, curved lines, waved lines. You can use any object around you to help you establish a texture. e.g place a sheet of paper on a piece of wood and scribble on the paper. The texture of the wood will transfer onto the paper. Or use pencil shavings, powder, scrap fabric, leather, wool, yarn, nuts 'n' bolts, ribbons, sequins, beads, shells, pasta, aluminum foil, etc.

You can also glue cellophane paper over parts of a portrait to represent how the world perceives the individual or to indicate his/her mood [each color represents diff moods & emotions]. This way you get texture as well as meaning & context.

Paint-Skin Collages/technique : This offers some great textures & would do really well with portraits. -- shape collage - another way of presenting.

Hope these help
Have fun & all the best :-).***:D
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: you could try drawing old people with the wrinkles and everything it will make your portrait special
and the background should be visible also
but that's only my personal response.
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