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: The other I got to like actually hold one of them primitive phones in my hands and you know what it was a tracfone and like the ringtone on there you couldn't even change it man it was like an animated tune that was like the ringing telephone but it was like way worse than a landline phone with sound and the screen it was only like 1 inch by one and it was like one of the most primitive phones I ever heard and you couldn't even choose the desktop picture in the back and it was just like when you turned it on I bet manufacturers of this Todd the way the animated music things is so impressive and powerful and look at those lines on there that must be like really grand or something but no this was a really primitive phone and you can get a really cool smartphone these days for not that much money so why not just go for that are you going to go for a primitive phone what your thoughts people

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: I'd offer a simple answer if it had any effect on, or even the slightest interest, to my life.
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: Yes and it does the job perfectly :)
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: What do you mean as a "primitive" phone?

Does this count as primitive?:
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: Yes
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: i have a phone that plugs into the wall and thats all
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: Privacy reasons, smartphones can be hacked
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