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: I can read about phone specs all day but I figured I would just ask everyone's opinion of which phone they think meet the requirements I want in a phone.

Before everyone yells apple which happened the last time I asked this question, I have an iPad so if I got a phone I would probably get a phone that is not apple and use the hotspot on it to use my iPad. An iPhone is not completely out of the question though.

1) I would ideally like a phone that has an sd slot. As much as I like the cloud it does have a limited amount of storage, uses data and if my phones suddenly dies I can't just pull the card out, use my sd converter and stick it in my computer.

2) I would also like to easily be able to set custom ringtones for people. I have my own business and I have a variety of ringtones for different people that are important.

3) A phone that has a good battery life..

4) Something that doesn't restrict me on how I transfer files to it. I can use it across multiple computer not have the problem of syncing it to a computer like itunes.

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: Try Lumia 630... Expandable memory upto 128 GB... Nothing can beat it in that price range... and it is only 10k... It will be the best choice for your business purposes...
See this,
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: I would suggest three phones to your liking
samsung galaxy s5
HTC m8
What you have asked are basically in all of these phones and if you would purchase an I phone I would suggest an iPhone 5s hope this helps you
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