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: I know this could be interupurted as a really annoying teenagers post but here it goes...
Basically it started about 6 months ago when my parents came up with a 'temporary' rule about handing my phone in at 10 PM. I highly hated this rule and often tried to rebel and sneak it into my room. But now 6 months later the rule is still their, and I have found that every single day this term I have woken up late (45 MIN LATE) EVERY SINGLE DAY and i cant stand it. Its because i have a crappy alarm clock in my room which has the same ringtone to wake me up so I've grown 'imune' to it. The only two days that i have gotten up on time is when I have snuck my phone in at night (i can change the alarm ringtone on that)
So basicaly the next day my parents made a deal the next day that when i take the phone to my room at night I wont be aloud the laptop the next day which I actually NEED for study (dont worry, dont think its Facebook and all that cuz i do all that on my phone) and since I strive for excellence in every single exam they seem to be taking advantage of that :( and the 'temporary' rule is probably never going to change..

Btw i paid for the computer and my phone myself through doing the newspaper
Do you think this is fair? :(
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: Depends how old you are and your parents reasons behind it. If you are talking to 50 year old men or are immature then i think the rule is fair if your a good student and responsible and never get in trouble or anything then maybe it unfair its really hard to give you a answer behind it without knowing the details i am assuming since they made this a temporary rule you did something to cause it ?
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: Thankyou! I'm actually 15 and I didn't do much, they just went to some seminar thing about the disadvantages of having internet and all that and then they just made up that rule :)
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: It depends on the circumstances. If you did something bad, then it would be fair as a punishment. But if you've never done anything and are usually a responsible person, then it's not. You're being punished before you've even done anything wrong. I don't really know why they are doing that, unless you've done something naughty with the phone.
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: Yes and no... I agree with the other person who answered that it does depends on your age and circumstances.

The best thing you can do, though, is to stop sneaking it. If they realize they can trust you not to take it they'll be more likely to give it back. And as far as the alarm thing just tell them about it and just kind of nicely say that if you can't have your phone at night to use as an alarm that it is important that you get a better alarm clock.

I know it sucks (my parents did it to me when I was younger .. 13-14) but just endure it for a while and prove your worth and it will all work out.
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