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: Hi, so I'm having a bit of trouble.
I have an iPhone 5s and it's updated to the latest version of iOS 7.1.1. (6/8/2014)

The problem lies with my custom (I made them on Sony Vegas) ringtones.
Before the update, back in November when I recently purchased the phone,
I was able to efficiently transport my custom ringtones onto my phone.
That isn't the case anymore.

Even before I updated the phone to the latest version of iOS (I only updated it because I thought it would solve my problem), the issue arose out of nowhere.

I had 7 custom ringtones, and out of those 7 custom ringtones, only 3 would sync even though the ringtones tab was check-marked to sync ALL of my custom ringtones.

Furthermore, those three ringtones that would sync, an error message would display, saying:
"These ringtones could not be synced: "AAA, BBB, CCC" and to my surprise, those were the only ringtones that were able to be synced.

Stranger still is that when I try to change up the files' names and such, some ringtones will sync, and others will not, and when that error message displays, it'll include one or two of those ringtones onto my phone.

In other words, if I had this message:

"AAA could not be synced. Or BBB"

AAA and BBB will show up on my phone, including CCC but not DDD, EEE, FFF, or GGG

Get the picture? Please help. It's urgent, I can't live without my ringtones. uvu <3
Also, before + after the update to iTunes 11.2.2., my ringtones still won't appear. Halp. <3
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