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: Ok seriously, I am laughing while I write this. Today in my class, we had a bet with the teacher. 20 push-ups if we aren't quiet. That includes noise, talking and paper noise...

I was working and the teacher announced the bet. So we took it and we did it. I was being quiet and so the teacher puts on some songs, my friend and I thought it was a ringtone, because it sounded so funny. We begged it to stop and we found out it was the radio!

I could not stop laughing. I did not want to break the bet. Then the kids at the table beside ours started making funny noises(coughing, heavy breathing, gulping,etc) they did on purpose, they wanted to make everyone laugh. We started snickering, it was so funny!

Then the bell rung for recess and we let out our laughing gas. My face was red!

So how could I control my laughing!! I can't help it!

I have tried biting my lips! But it doesn't help me anymore!! Ugh!

Oh and, seeing the other kids do twenty push-ups was funny, they got up and their face was red! Don't get me wrong! I had laughing gas in me! Please help me! And my friend! Sorry for the long description!
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