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: what smartphone recommend for first one. what smartphone recommend for first one

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: Motorola moto G.
Rugged, reliable, very cheap, very good battery, fast work and very good maintenance have. And for the cheap price will not bother if you accidentally break. Given that it is resistant to traces of wetting. I use it and am very pleased I have not even thought to change it.
I hope I've helped
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: I will prefer Samsung Galaxy S5. It is contained all features and specifications, which i require mostly.
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: Do research on the different phones you have in mind by watching youtube and reading reviews.
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: Since you're entirely new to smartphones, get a Nokia Lumia 521 (Windows Phone)! I am entirely satisfied with it, and I got it as my first smartphone last Christmas, and if I were to upgrade, I would definitely consider getting another Windows phone.
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: Get the phone you want that costs no more than you'd like to pay. It doesn't sound like you have any ideas about either of those things.
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