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: I'm going to buy a Sony Xperia z1 for my birthday but after looking at all the reviews on youtube I'm starting to have doubts and scared of regretting buying it. The money I saved is only good enough for the z1 and I could possibly wait for the z2's price to lower down but that could possibly take months or even a year and I want to buy it within this month. I love the z1 for its waterproof features and for its large size but I'm worried.

Any thoughts? Please help.

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: I would go for it, I have always like the Ericsson side of the phone. Even before Sony was part of it. These days they might still use Ericsson parts for the phone. By the way the Sony Xperia z1 larger then a iphone, has a better camera then the iphone (like 13 mp or more) and the z1 should be waterproof.
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: Xperia Z1 is worth buying
*High-resolution display (1080 x 1920 pixels vs 768 x 1280 pixels)
*High pixel densitiy screen, over 300ppi (368 ppi vs 334 ppi)
*Lots of RAM (2048 MB RAM)
*Fast mobile data support (4G)
*Best processor ever.
I highly recommend you to buy this gadget because it got the best processor built in.
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: honestly speaking,my mum is using a motorolla moto g,n its an excellent phone ....if u want to buy a phone n not regret it,go for a moto g or moto x
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: no, its not. get an iphone
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