Phones Key » Phone Reviews » getting my dad his first smart phone, are the iphone 4s or the samsung galaxy s3 still worth buying today?

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: Read so many reviews and I'm still very confused whether either of them are any good and if they are which one is better

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: i wouldnt have any iphone cos they are outdated even before they are released!

Samsung definately worth buying as the Android system is VERY user friendly!
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: grab gs3 now . because s3 has higher benchmark score .
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: samsung galaxy s3
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: The iPhone was never worth buying.
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: In simple words, iPhone is the symbol of fashion. So if you are looking for a trendy smartphone that enhances the personality then without any confusion I will recommend iPhone for you.
But if you are interested to avail much features within limited price range, then Galaxy S3 is the option.

But I were given a choice to select, then I would go for iPhone.
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: Out of the two, I would recommend the Samsung over the Apple - there is more freedom and configurability in an Android system vs iOS, plus your dad can download all sorts of programs without being stuck in Apple's monopoly. Also, the Samsung probably works better.
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