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: So I'm just wondering about their service. I've had AT&T for almost a year now, and I'm really wanting to get rid of it because the service keeps dropping in my apartments. I never get my calls or texts, unless I'm already on the phone. But the only problem is that I used the AT&T Next program, which means if I did cancel it, and they magically didn't get me an ETF because of the service issue, I'd probably still have to pay the rest of the finance. Which would be ALMOST $1000 because my husband and I both have the Next. I was just wondering if anyone has gone through this and if they will cancel both prices because of sucky service? I can't even use my phone most of the time unless I'm connected to the internet at home, and even so, it doesn't help that fact that calls do not come through MORE than half of the time. It is truly annoying. And from what i've read about reviews, their customer service really sucks, too. They're rude.

Any advice?

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: Try calling AT&T customer service and see if they can resolve the issue. Depending on where you live some service providers are better then other's. But once your 2 year contract is up I recommend switching to Verizon they have better service.
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: They won't cancel it. AT&T next basically got you STUCK. Maybe you can negotiate, but still
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