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: I've narrowed it down to two: Apple iPhone 5s or the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I l currently have an android phone and have always wanted an iPhone. Also, I like the iPhone's simplicity and easy-to-use interface. However, the Note 3 has a much larger screen and has more to offer. Please include a reason for the phone you think is best. Thank you!

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: IPhone 5s. I have the galaxy and it has had so many issues that it's ridiculous. The iPhone has better apps. The iPhone battery last longer. The iPhone only takes a hour to charge. My galaxy takes 5 hours. My galaxy last 5 hours. And my husband galaxy glitches we will be gladly to terminate service with att due to the horrible service Samsung provided. And pay full price for our next iphones. The galaxy has a warranty but the company don't fix the issue when faulty. And when replaced the device the phone is still crap. As iPhone will give you a working phone when replaced
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: I have the iPhone 5s and I love it. That said, I can't say it's for everyone. Unless your needs are specific, you'd probably be happy with whatever you had.

But since you've already got an Android, changing platforms might not be the best idea.

You'd need to get new apps, and if you're into a those MMORPG I don't think that your account will cross over to the new phone.

With an Android, you (may) have the benefit of a user replaceable battery and expandable memory using microSD card slots. Android allows you more control over your media and makes it easy to download from the internet and also copy between your phone and your computer. Adding your own ringtones is a snap with an Android - it's more of a process with an iPhone, and in theory you can't copy music files from your phone if it's an Apple.
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: Samsung Galaxy Note 3:

All I have to say is that Samsung phones come with a lot of software clutter. The advantages of this phone is the battery life (great!), the camera is really nice (shoots 4K but since the content isn't going to be playable in lots of places I consider them oversized video files) and if you're into it the screen is huge and bright (and colorful of course).

iPhone 5S:

Apple is really focused on build & software quality, so you're guaranteed to have an amazing looking device with advanced software and beautiful design. The internals will prove to you that you don't need a powerhouse to get complex tasks done quickly (although it is the only 64-bit processor in the market) and the camera is quite decent (slo-mo also!). Apple also updates the iPhone somewhat frequently, giving it massive new smart features and improving (also renewing sometimes) your experience

It is always best to watch reviews on YouTube and comparisons of both of these devices. Makes for a better decision.
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: The Galaxy Note 3 is the better option because the hardware innovations on the device out performs the iPhone in every way. You get a fine Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset and an Adreno 320 GPU the A7 chip does not out perform the Note 3 as the Note 3 as higher benchmark scores so I don''t know why Marcus made that assertion. You also get a 1080 SAMOLED display which produces the finest colors and the iPhone 5s doesn't have an HD display plus it is small so viewing media won't be as pleasant as an experience. The Note 3 as a better 13 megapixel shooter that can shoot 4k video whereas the iPhone 5s can only shoot 1080p, the front facing camera is better as well. Tell me friend why would you get the 5s with a 1570 mah battery where you can get the Note 3 with a 3000+ mah battery that will well last you over a day with one charge whereas the iPhone 5s will die in about 5 hours or so. Did I mention it was a removable battery so you can swap it out if it dies! The Galaxy Note 3 also has expandable storage while the iPhone does not so you can keep all your pictures in music on your SD nor can you store more games and apps, or you'll have the buy the 32GB iPhone 5s for $100 more than the 16GB. You can also download iPhone launchers on android and make your phones interface look like iPhone or Windows or LG. Android is just a better platform for customization, viewing media, performance, and energy efficiency.
The iPhone 6 looks promising though :P
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Edit: Samsung phones retain their retail value too, I sold my Galaxy S3 on ebay for $200. The Note 3 will probably sell for $300-$400 for resale.
Also the iPhone 5s screen cracks easily and the Touch ID doesn't always work. so keep that in mind.
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: Get Sony Z2 instead -
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: iphone 5S is the best hardware of any phone. You get the A7 chip, the dual core A7 outperforms any quad core phone out there, plus its the only 64bit phone. Sapphire lens over camera and fingerprint, the only phone with fingerprint ID built into the actual device, and has aluminum casing, its just really good hardware all around. Plus when you resell it in the future, iphones hold their value far better then other phones, so you actually get alot more back for it.
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