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: I started working about a month ago and I'm saving up money to buy a new phone, a better phone because my phone is a POS.. I've heard a lot of good reviews about the Samsung Galaxy S4, when my mom had it she loved it and I loved playing on it haha so I'm thinking about getting an S4 with my saved up money. My phone now is a no-contract phone. I pay $65 a month for data, messaging, calling, the whole bundle. Would I be able to do that with an S4 or would I have to make it a contract phone? I try to avoid contracts because you're stuck in them for 2 years and the total is different every month where as with no-contracts its $65 every month unless I wanna buy more data then it's different. But would I be able to do that with an S4?

My carrier is at&t.
If you wanna recommend a different phone, please do so. I'm open to suggestions. I just want/need something better than what I have now.
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: With AT&T I think you need to get a GO-Phone from them, do call AT&T to ask. Don't be afraid, customer service is there to help you. Check Metro-PCS if you want to save some money.
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